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It's As Simple As ABC

by:VUINO     2020-09-12
Injuries happen to the best of skaters and skateboarders, the smart ones take precautions to protect themselves by wearing protective helmets and pads. The unfortunate part is that sometimes this isn't always true until after they have been hurt.
A. Using protective gear will not only keep your head from busting you'll keep more of your skin if you crash. Everyone thinks accidents always happen to the other guy and won't happen to them, wrong!
More than likely we all know someone who no matter how careful they are somehow always manage to get hurt, that person is often referred to as 'accident prone', it might even be you. You'll always have more fun and are more likely to try riskier tricks and tight techniques while boarding if you are wearing protective gear.
B. It's also a good idea to wear ankle pads and wrist protectors while you are learning to skate to prevent sprains and broken bones because you are definitely going to fall a lot in the beginning. There are also tail bone protectors available to protect you when you fall on your rear. Granted not everyone may want to go this far but it's still a good idea. There are numerous common types of injuries resulting from skateboarding accidents. Head and neck injuries, arm and legs, hands, wrists, ankle and feet, and other blunt force trauma can be caused by falling or by a collision. According to the National Safety Council an estimated 50,000 skateboard injuries are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year.
When you know you are going to fall, crouch down on the skateboard so you don't have so far to fall and when you fall, try to roll and absorb the force of the fall by using your arms as shock absorbers and not your hands. This will help prevent some injuries.
C. The most important object of protection is the Helmet! Worn correctly and with the proper fit and 'fastened under the chin' will protect your skull from being cracked if you fall, so don't be lame, wear one! When choosing a Helmets make sure it has a two stage liner or is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) providing the protection you need.
Elbow and knee pads are crafted in different styles depending where you intend to do your skating, in a Park, on a ramp or on the street. They not only give you the confidence you need by knowing you're protected, you'll be more likely to try new tricks and be more aggressive while skating. Another plus is that if you use them the people who care about you will have the peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect yourself while you are boarding.
Downhill and high speed street skating calls for the addition of protection of slide gloves to shield your hands while sliding around curves and cornering. Slide gloves are available in different styles depending on where and what they are used for in a park or on the street.

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