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Not yet, NINGBO WEINUO PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Co. LTD. is striving forward to be a professional and powerful OBM in the global market. OBM, also called Original Brand Manufacturer, refers to a company that retails its own products under its own brand name in order to add brand value and expand sales networks. Unlike ODM or OEM, an OBM should be capable of performing the whole production process, including design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales. It should have a sound sales network and complete supply chain which can guarantee that customers can enjoy a one-stop service.

VUINO has extensive influence on the manufacturing of garden knee pad which is regarded to be cost-effective. WEINUO provides a wide range of hiking gaiters for customers. Each VUINO best knee pads is built to customer's exact specifications with the finest materials. It complies with European safety and environmental standards. The performance of this projector screen is so superb that it is typically the overall favorite of home theater aficionados. It is flexible when walking, but clings to the knees when the user kneels down.

VUINO will be dedicated to innovating the garden kneeling pad and improving management concepts. Call now!
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