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Importance of Proper Attire While Skating

by:VUINO     2020-09-23
Skating is a fun game. There is nothing like moving fast on wheels in an empty road. However, absence of proper skating attire can convert your fun-filled day into a tragic one. For instance, falling without knee pads due to a sudden ditch on the road can hurt your knees badly. Therefore, it is important to be properly attired with all the protective gears from head to toe to ensure that the fun ride ends up with fun only. In this article we will cover various protective accessories in a top-to-down pattern
Head, Face, and Mouth
It is very unlikely that you fall on your face while skating. Still, nothing like going fully prepared. A strong helmet can help protect your head in case of a collision or fall. Glasses and mouth guards can help protecting eyes and mouth respectively. Though, both these items are optional, but using them is a good idea.
Elbow Pads
Wearing a pair of padded elbow pads is very important for protecting your elbows from scratches and injuries. Although in absence of the pads, you can wear a full sleeve shirt, but it will act only as a quick alternative and is not better than elbow pads.
If you are wearing a short sleeve shirt, then it is vital to wear elbow pads. While skating at high speed if you fall forward, there are good chances that you may hurt your elbow. You will definitely want to protect your elbow and for that elbow pads are must.
Knee Pads
Whether you are a new skater likely to experience frequent falls or an experienced skater who love to do stunts and tricks, knee pads is the most important protective accessory for you. Especially if you fall during a jump while skating, wearing a knee pad will help you save your knees Elbows and knees are two most injury prone areas for a skater and that is why elbow and knee pads are two must have protective accessories for every level of skaters.
Skateboarding shoes are very important to help maintain a proper balance while skating. It is not advisable to go skating in a pair of running shoes. Your safety should be your first concern and therefore it is advised to invest in a pair of good skateboarding shoes.
In addition to the items mentioned above, you can also use equipment like wrist guards, ankle guards, tailbone protectors, etc. While having all these equipments with you may not be possible, still you can try to arrange as many as possible. After all your safety comes first!

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