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I'm a New Motorcycle Rider, What Is the Best Protective

by:VUINO     2020-08-29
I'm a novice rider so I need to enquire of some riders about smart clothing habits and what clothing to wear that will be important for my safety. Leather is very popular, especially a leather jacket, mostly because it protects you in the cold and you can easily remove it if the weather becomes too hot.
You should have a good fitting leather jacket, if it is too big for you, it could cause wind pockets which is very uncomfortable and unsafe. Of course if it's too small it would restrict your movement on your motorcycle. Also one should invest in a leather vest as when it gets too hot and you remove your leather jacket you still have some good protection.
To add to your gear a pair of good fitting leather gloves are very important to protect your hands from the cold and flying debris. A good pair of well oiled boots that are non slip on oily streets are a must and over the ankle styles are of course safer for any mishaps on the road. A lot of people think it's macho not to wear a helmet, well, it's not and in most U.S.States and in Canada, it is the law along with a good protection for the eyes.
I knew a young chap, just 3 years ago, who went drinking a few beers with a buddy and on the way home, I guess he wanted to try out his bike and see what it would do, so he opened up the throttle and held it. His buddy stayed behind and all of a sudden the young chap came to a bend in the highway, on the crest of the hill and he lost control. The bike took off ahead of him, sliding along the highway and him right behind until they came to the guard rail along the highway. Here they stopped; bike wrecked and his body mangled and practically cut in two. This story does not have a happy ending, as he left behind a young daughter, ' he was a single father'.
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