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How is VUINO positioned?
Our brand - VUINO has been defined as a highly-valued brand in the market now. We are positioned by shaping consumer preferences and targeting the market, thus enhancing customers' willingness to purchase branded products and improving consumer loyalty. As a brand with years of experience, we can clearly understand what our consumers want and have a deeper understanding of market trends. By positioning the brand in the right way, it tells people how our brand is different from our competitors and makes us obtained maximized brand value.

VUINO offers higher quality garden knee pad in this industry which expects much. NINGBO WEINUO PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Co. LTD. provides a wide range of garden kneeling pad for customers. The production of VUINO leg gaiters adopts the high standard of workmanship. It is extremely lightweight and the wearer never has to be weighed down by it. That VUINO is unique in the garden knee pad market is the design of knee pads for gardening ladies. It meets PAHs requirements in line with REACH Regulation.

Higher customer satisfaction is the goal pursued by the VUINO brand. Ask online!
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