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Construction Safetywear - The Right Gear for the Job

by:VUINO     2020-08-07
From working on a busy building site, to a one-person job doing some painting and decorating, you should always do your best to make sure you've got the right gear to keep you safe. Personal Protective Equipment, better known as PPE, is a necessity in a time when it's very easy to fall under the watchful eye of the Health and Safety enforcers. By providing yourself and your workers with the best and most suitable equipment, you're not only protecting them from injury, but you're protecting yourself from legal action too.
The best equipment for the building site
Different work environments will require different equipment, of course. For those who are working on building sites, a wide range of construction safetywear is available that makes doing a hard job that little bit easier - and safer. A solid hard hat is a legal necessity; not wearing one is not only dangerous while out on the site, it can also see the business subject to heavy fines for not protecting the workforce. Even if nothing bad happens, should someone be caught not wearing a hard hat, the whole job could even potentially be closed down. This applies to any visitor to the site too - so if you don't want to risk a hefty penalty, always have spares ready to hand out to anyone who's coming onto site.
A solid pair of boots is also a good thing to have on while working, and they should really be steel toe-capped ones. Dropping a paving slab or a hob of bricks on a foot that's protected by the right PPE can still be painful, but it's an awful lot better when you consider the possible damage that could be sustained by an unprotected foot. Sturdy footwear could well mean the difference between shrugging off an injury and a few weeks off to recover. If you don't provide these items to your workers, an injury could also lead to a compensation claim.
PPE for every workplace
Specialist jobs require particular work gear and protective accessories, so be sure that you're using the right PPE before tackling anything. Jobs in enclosed spaces where there could be intoxicating fumes should never be attempted without face masks, goggles and even a respirator. Sure, the financial outlay may initially be a bit high, but the price you'd pay if an employee was injured through your negligence is incomparable, so make sure all workers are aware of their responsibilities to gear up before heading out onto a job.
Getting your hands on decent quality Personal Protective Equipment isn't difficult. With plenty of reputable online stores selling everything you and your employees need, you'll be able to get your hands on decent construction safetywear in next to no time. The additional peace of mind you get when you know your workers are prepared and safe to get on with their job is invaluable, so find a good supplier as soon as possible and make sure you're ticked all of the Health and Safety boxes that apply to you and your industry.

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