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Clothing for Protection During Extreme Mountain Biking

by:VUINO     2020-08-14
Mountain biking is usually very risky. If you are an extreme rider, you need specialist clothing to protect your body from injuries. Downhill racing is one of the riskiest forms of mountain biking and can result in deadly crashes. Therefore, it is important that you wear appropriate mountain bike pads and other armors needed to protect your skin during such crashes. For good protection, it is important that your protective gears fit you well without restricting your motion. Finding the right protective gear that fits you well may take time and therefore should be done well in advance before the riding date. Keeping this task pending till the last moment may need you to compromise on your safety.
Upper Body Protection:
Upper body armor is used to offer protection to the entire upper body, including chest, shoulders, elbows, back, and spine. Typically, an upper body armor includes a vented chest plate and an articulated spine protection. The armor is usually complimented with appropriate mountain bike pads for complete protection. Mountain bike pads, such as elbow pads and ankle pads are important to complete the protection of your upper body. Some upper body jerseys also incorporate inbuilt elbow pads for added protection. However, separate pads are recommended for free movement of the body.
Lower Body Protection:
Padded shorts are usually used to offer protection to the lower body. Padded shorts are made with soft impact inner padding and hard outer shell. The inner soft lining is designed to protect hips, thighs, buttocks and tailbone while the hard outer shell protects knee and shin. Full leg versions of padded shorts are also available that offer complete lower body protection in one garment. Separate pads like knee guards, ankle guards, and shin guards are used for additional protection of lower body.
Helmets and Gloves:
Mountain bike helmets are a must have for mountain bike riders. Helmets offer protection against dust, debris and even branches of trees. They take care of your head, brain and skull in case of an accident or a collision. The helmets also act as a shield around your head to protect it from extreme weather conditions. Gloves cover palm and fingers to protect them from cuts and abrasions during heavy falls. In addition, they offer a strong grip and protect your hands against heat and cold. While buying extreme riding gloves, more emphasis should be given on getting a pair of gloves with high impact resistance.

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