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ASICS Volleyball Knee Pads Review - Which Styles

by:VUINO     2020-09-17
This is part two of the ASICS Volleyball Knee Pads Review, which styles provide the most protection.
The GEL Conform and the JR GEL Conform ASICS Knee pads
Described as having a very revolutionary design, this is a very long knee pad. It has a 9.5 inch sleeve and when I see junior club volleyball players with this style on, I wonder if they really feel comfortable playing in this model. In this style more padding was added around the kneecap area, and the other protective element is the trademarked GEL Cushioning system.
Of all the ASICS volleyball knee pads the GEL Conform is tied with the Slider in providing the most skin coverage around the knee area. Both styles have knee sleeves that are 9.5 inches in length.
The ASICS Competition 3.0G Volleyball Knee pad
The ASICS Competition 3.0G volleyball knee pad is described as 'the total volleyball experience.' To absorb shock ASICS has outfitted this model with Ortholite. Ortholite is used by some of the top name brands in athletic shoe wear and if anybody asked me what Ortholite was before writing this article I wouldn't have been able to tell you. But now I know. Apparently Ortholite is 'the footwear industry's best kept secret.' In athletic shoes, Ortholite is what is used to create the insoles of your favorite name brand workout shoes and/or sandals.
The Ortholte mission is to provide high quality insoles that support the structure of the human foot. Okay what is Ortholite made of? In my words? It's a formula which combines recycled polyurethane and when all the elements are cooked and baked the result is a material which contains the properties of breathability, long-lasting cushionability and durability all together. Got it?
What does Ortholite have to do with ASICS volleyball knee pads? Not only is Ortholite used in shoe insoles and shoe linings but the rubbery foam is used in apparel, sports bags, furniture and sporting equipment.
So they take the Ortholite foam which can be produced in large sheets or produced as a pre-molded shape of whatever product and they use it to fulfill the need for that product, in order to improve its overall performance.
There are two types of Ortholite, one with.11 density which basically is less dense, than its counterpart, the.13 density Ortholite which the company says 'offers high levels of breathability, moisture transport, and anti-microbial function to create a cooler, drier, and healthier environment inside the shoe or any application where the foam comes in contact with the wearer.' They also guarantee that the comfort level and the integrity of the Ortholite material 'never' wanes. So basically this material will always maintain its quality and never change.
Which ASICS Volleyball knee pads have Ortholite? As mentioned previously Ortholite is found in the Competition 3.0G style and that is the only ASICS model where this material is incorporated. Did you know that? Tell me you knew that. I could be wrong but I think that would make a huge difference in what I choose to protect my knees as volleyball player, especially as a young one.

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