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A Synopsis on Boxing

by:VUINO     2020-10-06
Boxing is called as a fist fight between two persons and it is a combat sport that is similar to weigh fight. Throughout the centuries, there were many informal forms of boxing, but now it is conducted in a most regulative way with one to three minute intervals called rounds. The victory is decided if the opponent gets knuckled down and unable to get up until the count of ten.
The judge or referee can determine the winner if there is no stoppage of fights before an agreed number of rounds. In some countries, it is referred as English boxing whereas in France it is called as French boxing and across the world there are different forms of boxing that is practiced. The boxing is typically supervised by a referee who decides the winner based on knock out conditions.
The boxing exist from 300 BC and the archeological evidence supports the fact. The evidence indicates that this sport has been practiced by Berbers and Egyptians and also, the earliest evidence for boxing says that Mediterranean can be found in Minoan civilization. In ancient times it was called as pugilism and The Marquess of Queensbury rules have been the general rules governing modern boxing since their publication in 1867. The boxing bouts are generally motivated by money throughout 17th and 19th centuries and day by day the Olympic movement revived interest in these sports. In the year 1908, the amateur boxing became an Olympic sport and the professional boxing remains as a popular sport across the globe.
No two fighters are identical in the game of boxing and the boxer's style is evolved through the technique and skills he applies and there are many terms involved in describing the boxer's style. In recent times, the game of boxing is valued through the boxing accessories and boxing equipments. They play a major role and support the boxers in all aspects. It has also become essential to the boxers and some of the boxing equipments protect them from damages and injuries.
Hand wraps and boxing gloves are essential and most trainers do not allow the boxers to train without this accessory and the role of hand wraps is to secure the bones in the hand and the boxing gloves protect the hands. Since the late nineteenth century, the boxing Gloves have been required in competition and the modern gloves are designed in such a way that it was well padded and protected.
Apart from boxing gloves, the boxers use different boxing equipments such as head gear, forearm protector, belly pad, instep guard, knee support, elbow support, back support, wrist support and ankle wraps to protect the different parts of the body. Addition with these equipments, the boxers also use some training equipments to build strength, speed and agility.
The international boxing hall of fame and the world boxing hall of fame are the two recognized boxing fames with international boxing game widely recognized. Through constant support from the people, this game has gained popularity and has been globally accepted.
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